Auto Scrolling Images provides smooth scrolling images automatically on load.

Auto Scrolling Images provide the option to loop continuously and to pause on mouse over and mouse out or to start/stop after a predefined time.
It is good for advertising or just for showing images on sidebar or post and page. Each image can have a redirect link when is clicked.
You can add unlimited images for each widget.
It has the functionality to auto create the shortcode and you can use it on posts and pages.

Options for images: Image url, Image link, height, width, title, title position, title colour, title size, background colour, border, border colour, border radius, padding, margin.

Options for each widget: scroll direction, speed, stop on mouse hover, start after ( seconds), stop after ( seconds ), scroll height, hide widget when shortcode is present on page.

Auto Scrolling Images - 1


Source: Codecanyon

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