HashBar is a WordPress Notification / Alert / Offer Bar plugin which allows you to create unlimited notification bars to notify your customers. This plugin has option to show email subscription form (sometimes it increases up to 500% email subscriber), Offer text and buttons about your promotions. This plugin has the options to add unlimited background colors and images to make your notification bar more professional.

WordPress Notification bar

New Features:

HashBar Pro - WordPress Notification Bar - 1
Added dedicated option for sticky / transparent header
HashBar Pro - WordPress Notification Bar - 2

Mobile Device Show/hide Option
HashBar Pro - WordPress Notification Bar - 3

Close button show/hide option
HashBar Pro - WordPress Notification Bar - 4

Notification scheduling option
HashBar Pro - WordPress Notification Bar - 5


  • Option to show or hide (All page / Only pages / Only posts / Only home page )
  • Positioning (Left / Top / Right / Bottom)
  • Default Display (Open / Close)
  • Content Background color
  • Content Background Image
  • Content Text Color
  • Background Opacity
  • Close Button Text
  • Close Button BG Color
  • Close Button Color
  • Close Button Hover Color
  • Close Button Hover BG Color
  • Arrow Bg Color
  • Arrow Color
  • Arrow Hover Color
  • Arrow Hover Bg Color

Special Features:

  • Compatible with Visual Composer, King Composer
  • Create Unlimited notification bars

Pro Features:

  • Custom width of notification bar
  • Multi select options for page post or product to specify where to show the notification
  • 4 different shortcode to the WordPress dashboard visual editor to easily add predefined button, social bookmark icons, facebook like box and embed any video/audio etc

All Notifications

HashBar Pro - WordPress Notification Bar - 6

Add a new Notification

HashBar Pro - WordPress Notification Bar - 7

Editor Shortcode

HashBar Pro - WordPress Notification Bar - 8

Change log:

Version: 1.1.6 
License system added, it will help to get the update notification from dashboard.
Helps to update the plugin from WP dashboard easily. 
VERSION: 1.1.5
1. Divi conflict issue solved.
2. Sticky on hide option issue solved.
3. Left and Right notification height option issue solved.
4. localize script console error issue solved.
5. Mobile body Extra space issue solved.
VERSION: 1.1.4 —-—- DATE: 30-March-2020
- Multiple Activation Issue Solved.
- Sticky on hide Option added.
- Sticky Header extra spcae issue solved.
- Close Button Style issue solved.
- Meta box conditional Field issue solved.
<strong>VERSION: 1.1.3  DATE: 10 Dec 2019</strong>
- Show different notification for mobile and desktop device fixed
<strong>VERSION: 1.1.2  DATE: 22 Oct 2019</strong>
- Show notification by URL parameter feature added.
- Metabox conditional js add and fix
- Show notification to specific post/page/custom post ids
<strong>VERSION: 1.1.1  DATE:22 - Aug- 2019</strong>
- Changed "how many time to show option by coockie" 
- Caching plugin support
<strong>VERSION: 1.0.19  DATE: 22 - July- 2019</strong>
- Updated CMB2 Library
- Remove elementor from post type
<strong>VERSION: 1.0.17  DATE: 03 - May- 2019</strong>
- Updated CMB2 Library
- Remove elementor from post type
<strong>VERSION: 1.0.16  DATE: 15 - May 2019</strong>
- Added clone feature
- Fixed conflict by before,after css
<strong>VERSION: 1.0.15  DATE: 11 April 2019</strong>
Fixed conflict by before,after css
<strong>VERSION: 1.0.14  DATE: 10 April 2019</strong>
Added nofollow option to button
<strong>VERSION: 1.0.13  DATE: 19 February 2019</strong>
Fixed memory load error for large website
<strong>VERSION: 1.0.12  DATE: 27 January 2019</strong>
- Fixed button target problem
<strong>VERSION: 1.0.11 DATE: 25 Dec 2018</strong>
- Fixed compatibility with WPBakery Page builder formerly visual composer
<strong>VERSION: 1.0.10 DATE: 25 Nov 2018</strong>

- added Enable / Disable option On Desktop Device,
- fixed admin bar problem in responsive,
- added global option for mobile device breakpoint width
<strong>VERSION: 1.0.9  DATE: 23 Oct 2018</strong>
- Fixed shortocde in visual editor
<strong>VERSION: 1.0.6  DATE: 28-Aug-2018</strong>
- Fixed close button text show issue
<strong>VERSION: 1.0.5 —-—-DATE: 13-Aug-2018</strong>
- Enhanced previous notification scheduling options
<strong>VERSION: 1.0.3 —-—-DATE: 04-July-2018</strong>
1. Fixed core staying of newsletter form
1. Add: Mobile device show/hide option
2. Add: Close button show/hide option 
3. Add: Notification scheduling option

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HashBar Pro - WordPress Notification Bar - 9

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