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Make your site unusual and unique with our extension for Elementor! Horizontal scrolling of the page makes you take a fresh look at the site, and with the parallax effect, visiting your site will turn into a journey!

How it works?

When you scroll your page normally, all content will move horizontally, creating a horizontal scroll effect. To fill a page with content in Elementor, simply specify in the element settings a list of templates that the plugin will place horizontally.


Install and activate the WordPress plugin received after payment. Create a new Elementor page and add the “HScroll Fullscreen” element to it. Prepare some templates with content and specify them in the list of slides. You can also adjust the scroll speed and some other parameters in the settings of the same element.
Please note that you cannot add several “HScroll Fullscreen” elements to one page, this will lead to an error! Instead, use the second “HScroll Parallax” element, which is used to create additional scroll effects.
To create a responsive website, you can specify a template for the classic version of the page that will switch under the conditions you specify.

Creating sites with horizontal scrolling with our plugin is easy! See for yourself!


Source: Codecanyon

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