Social Gallery is the ultimate lightbox plugin for WordPress. Your images deserve to be experienced and shared, to spark a response as they travel the social web, and to work for you by generating more fans and more Likes for your content. That’s why Social Gallery photo viewer transforms a stunning photo gallery into a full social experience.

With this quick and responsive lightbox you can present your images in a beautiful grid layout, and users can view each one in epic full screen. The Social Gallery WordPress photo viewer plugin is compatible with NextGen Gallery, Justified Image Grid and Essential Grid, giving you outstanding flexibility and convenience to work with your existing gallery in the way that best suits you. You can also experiment with some eye-popping animations and transitions between images, including bounce in, flip or spin out effects, for a powerful and dynamic image gallery that captures the viewer’s imagination.

…becomes an interactive social sharing experience!

Making your WordPress, NextGen or Justified Image Grid photo gallery interactive and social guarantees that your users get the most out of your images – and so do you! With Social Gallery, you will enjoy more Likes and Shares, Comments and Pins, across every popular social network. You can tag people in photos (just like Facebook), and your users can add instant comments within the image gallery.

Make it your own

Your complete lightbox WordPress plugin is easy to install and fully customizable. The themes and framework give a familiar Facebook feel, but you can apply your own branding for a truly unique and personal photo gallery. Why send your users to Facebook to view and share your images? Drive your traffic to your own site without losing the momentum of intuitive social interaction. The Social Gallery lightbox plugin is mobile and tablet ready, using the mobile add on or your gallery’s existing mobile lightbox. With the Social Gallery WordPress photo viewer plugin there’s no limit to when and where your users can browse your unique photo gallery and share your content.

The name really does say it all – Social Gallery photo viewer is a premium lightbox plugin that does your images justice, while inviting your users to engage, interact and share in the most organic way. With Social Analytics, you’ll be able to see the difference for yourself!

  • Fully Customizable
  • Easily tweak your Social Gallery from the options screen
  • Choose your Lightbox Skin
  • Customize colors, links and descriptions
  • Change margins and image sizes
  • Choose Facebook Comments, Disqus, or neither!

Intuitive User Experience

  • Users can browse the images on your blog post by clicking the left or right arrow keys
  • Users can click on the right side of the image to move horizontally to the next image, or the left side to go back
  • Users can Like, Pin, Tweet and Comment on every blog post image you enable
  • Set dynamic CSS3 animations for the opening and closing of Social Gallery

Ultimate Social Sharing

    Uses jQuery and the latest scripts for Facebook integration, Twitter Tweet It buttons and Pinterest Pin It buttons, as well as Linked In, Google Plus (Google+), StumbleUpon and Tumblr – enjoy 3x, or even 5x+ more engagement!

  • Now works with Disqus Comments system
  • Choice of Social Gallery pages framework or other fallbacks, including hashbang solution to distinct image comments
  • iPhone and iPad compatible!

Lightweight and Fast

  • Modern CSS and jQuery enhancements
  • Compressed jQuery (JavaScript) and CSS for faster loading
  • Lightweight JavaScript (double minified!)
  • Selectively loaded CSS3 animations, to reduce page load time
  • Faster than the original Lightbox, and now even faster than older versions of Social Gallery!

Lightbox Features

  • The ultimate social lightbox
  • Facebook-style image viewing
  • Facebook’s 1 billion+ users will be familiar with Social Gallery
  • 3x more opportunity for visitors to Like and Share
  • Fully Customizable – 50+ new options in V2
  • 11 Preset “modes”, including NextGen and Justified Image Grid compatibility
  • NextGen gallery plugin support
  • Leverage all your existing blog posts
  • Base bar and side bar specific to your blog
  • Works with posts, pages, widgets and themes
  • Image library and social gallery pages
  • Full screen mode
  • 40+ CSS3 animations and transitions
  • Enhanced media navigation for users
  • Add custom HTML descriptions  New: Now “Per Image”!
  • Lightweight JavaScript for fast loading and performance
  • Custom URLs and SEO friendly
  • Earn more with lightbox ads (Google AdSense)
  • Multiple browsers supported (IE7+, IE10, Safari 3+, iOS Safari, Chrome 3+, Firefox 3+, Opera 10+)
  • Integrates directly with WordPress – you get an extra menu item for Social Gallery, where you can manage everything; including settings, image library and update engine
  • Works out of the box with 99% of WordPress themes
  • Even if you have a totally custom theme, it only takes a minute to set up Social Gallery
  • Replaces any old lightbox plugin
  • Super easy install  Now with a Wizard
  • No coding required!
  • Detailed documentation, with examples


Source: Codecanyon

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