PLEASE READ FIRST – SYNCRO requires a monthly subscription for this plugin to work. The cost of the plugin will be refunded if you purchase a SYNCRO account, and there is a free trial available (no CC required) if you want to try it out first!

What is SYNCRO?

SYNCRO is a live chat software for your website that is built around an SMS backbone. All of our features and services are directly tied to your phone’s texting service giving us unique features that other chat companies cannot compete with.
Why SYNCRO is different than other live chat software?
Live chat software has been around for a while now. In most cases for live chat software to work on your website, you either have to be sitting in front of your PC to respond to a live chat, or you need to have a person do it on your behalf. Now fast forward a couple years, as in recent times the advent of native apps has allowed you to take the chat somewhat mobile, allowing the admin to download an app to chat with their customers. The problem with native apps and live chat is that you need to be connected to data, and most of the time native apps are never updated regularly enough so they break on your new phone or you simply can’t even run it. SYNCRO has been around for 5 years and has built its technology around SMS exclusively, so you can do some pretty cool things, check out SYNCRO and its key features:

  1. No data connection required – With SYNCRO live chat software you are able to respond to website visitors immediately via your phone’s SMS. There is no need to be connected to the internet only your SMS provider – 3/4/5 G.
  2. No apps to download. SYNCRO is device ubiquitous meaning you don’t need to download any APP and keep it updated depending on the phone you are using. Ever use an AP that is always broken because your phone isn’t brand new? You will never have this problem with SYNCRO.
  3. No learning curve. No software to login to, no application to run and learn, simply respond to the texts that come into your phone, and you can have a conversation with someone on your website. Simple.
  4. Cool features. Because SYNCRO uses SMS as its backbone we can do things like send the chat to multiple cell phones, allow chats to roll to different phones if no one answers, and even have AI respond on your behalf if you are busy doing things like driving.
  5. Free to try. SYNCRO is free to try and we help to on-board you at no extra cost. There are no contracts and there are some amazing white label chat software options available.

Give SYNCRO a try because we truly believe this is the best live chat software out there for people engaging in business on the go.


Source: Codecanyon

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