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Create custom buttons for your site, content, and sidebar! Hundreds of style possibilities!


Integrated Shortcode Builder
Create buttons from either the WordPress editor or using the standalone shortcode builder located under Appearence > Button Builder.

Button Importer
Need to edit a button? The same editor used to build your button also accepts the same code for editing!

Multiple Code Types
You can use standard WordPress shortcodes, HTML, or PHP codes.

Works on all the newest browsers, properly tagged and contains transitions.

Component Styles
Mix and match classes to create different button styles, effects, and animations.

Shortcut Links
Optional add-ins for link URL’s that when rendered through a shortcode or PHP function, automatically add in the WordPress link.

Font Awesome Ready
Button styles were developed using the Font Awesome icon set.

4 Button Sizes
X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large with the ability to override and set your own size.

12 Base Colors
Light, Tan, Dark, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Black, and White.

CSS3 Icon and Button Animations
We have effects ranging from rotations, flips, scaling, and skewing.

Hundreds of Combinations
This isn’t about using a subset of button styles, this is about making any type of button you need. Perfect for blogging, content creation, or general website building.

Installable plugin file.

HTML file with instructions on the installation, use, and configuration of the plugin.


Font Awesome – Font icons used in the plugin and demo.

Change Log

VERSION 1.0.3 [5/3/2016]
- Update: Font Awesome updated to 4.6.1.
- Backend Change: Removed version option registration.
VERSION 1.0.2 [1/2/2016]
- Update: Font Awesome updated to 4.5.0.
- Admin Style: Replaced header icon with new logo.
VERSION 1.0.1 [9/3/2015]
- Usability: Preview buttons do not alter page when clicked.
- Usability: Preview window in stand-alone builder follows down the page.
- Button Styles: Added a 5px margin to main button class.
- Button Styles: Corrected margin collapse issue with 3D effects on page.
- Bug Fix: Added jQuery UI images to admin folder to prevent 404 errors.
VERSION 1.0.0 [8/21/2015]
- Initial Release


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